The Doveton Show was originally established to provide a low cost, local event for families and the broader community, to provide an affordable alternative to the Melbourne Show.

The show was developed as great way to promote arts & crafts, performing arts, local businesses, sporting clubs and community groups. The date coincides with the Royal Melbourne Show as a low cost alternative for the local residents to attend without having to travel into the City to enjoy.  It is held each year at Myuna Farm in Doveton with amazing support from the City of Casey.

Our very first show expected around 2,000 in the first year or running however we were overwhelmed by the 5,000 visitors that enjoyed our very first event and today more than a decade later, we enjoy visitor numbers over 20,000.

Our main reasons for continuing this event remains the same, to provide a low cost alternative to the Melbourne Show, aimed at families who would otherwise be unable to afford a “Big Show” experience. It is also a great chance to support our local community groups, sporting clubs, businesses and performers enabling them to hold beneficial fundraising activities to support their operations.

Please come and join us for a wonderful show!